Anyone Used Qt?

I am just getting started on an open source project which uses Qt as the compiler and separately the GUI designer and separate IDE for the source, I wish I could switch it all to Xojo!
Has anyone used Qt before? I have both the Mac and win versions installed and it can seemingly do Multiplatform but feels a bit disjointed initially.

@Walter has I think

ok thanks, I do not know Walter, I hope he will not mind a personal message?

I have used Qt. What is your question?
Maybe you should ask something Qt-related in a Qt forum.

Maybe I will ask a question about Qt when I am using it, I should have been more specific, anyone used Qt and can offer any thoughts on comparison which a fully integrated IDE as opposed to what at first seems no to be integrated.

Basically a comparison with Xojo would be nice to hear from a user of both, which I doubt would ever be the case on a Qt forum.

Ah, OK, got it.
I agree; if you want a comparsion of Xojo and Qt, you probably have more success in this or a Xojo forum. But I wouldn’t know where to start…