Anyone have experience with Rust?

Anyone have any experience with Rust ?
I’m poking at it and am wondering if anyone has any experience with it on macOS, Windows & Linux and the UI bindings it might have
Seems a very “C” like language but designed for speed and safe concurrency.

Interesting learning ahead of me

No experience, but curious what brought the interest in Rust on?

Xojo is a wonderful UI tool but there are areas where it just doesnt cut it.
I’ve been looking at other tools & languages as part of an effort to figure out where I go next - whether that means I abandon Xojo or not I dont know.
So I’ve dabbled in several tools much like Bob’s series on looking at other tools & IDE’s.
I’ve looked at python for using it to build GUI’s etc (blech fwiw) and a few others.
I’ve poked at Dart, Go, Erlang and most of these really are capabale of some things that Xojo isnt but then fall short in other areas.
So a language that can be used to easily supplement Xojo via dylibs etc became one to pursue.
And in that regard Rust seems quite nice.
It can, unlike python and several others, turn out dylibs, dlls, and exe’s across many platforms.
It has a pretty broad set of libraries available already across all the targets.
It compiles to native code - or can crank out llvm byte code and a few other types.

I think as a language to supplement Xojo it looks very promising.
So I’m going to dabble a bit more :slight_smile:

No direct experience with Rust here but I come across it a lot from reading Hckrnews. Seems really popular and fast. I’ve been playing around with Crystal in my free time which I like. It’s essentially compiled Ruby. You get most of the benefits of Ruby’s dynamism but really fast performance.

I’ve looked at a pile of languages since you and I discussed Python
The thing that attracted me to rust is that it can generate all kinds of native compiled code in various forms like DLL’s exe’s and its own rust specific dynamic libraries
And its designed for low level high concurrency memory safe usage
A “safe C” more or less

Like so many other languages (python, go, etc) it doesnt have a gret UI library - hence why I’m looking at it for helpers and dylibs with Xojo as a front end
With it being at least as x-platform as Xojo is I can write one helper and recompile it for macOS Windows & Linux - or a dylib and recompile for each and get some super fast, safe code that I can put a decent UI on reasonably easily

My only experience with Rust involved WD-40, so I guess that doesn’t work here :slight_smile:

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Heh. When I go to the automotive store here if they have the giant cans of WD-40 on sale I buy them.
I have about a gallon of WD-40 in spray cans :slight_smile:

But you’re right - wrong Rust in this case

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Is Go an alternative? It’s fast and compiles to single binaries. I think it’s memory managed too, unlike Rust.

What seems to differentiate Rust from Go is that Rust can create dylibs - I dont see current reliable information that go can do that in Go
I’m sure it can but its not as readily obvious in Go (or its docs)

And this is just exploration so I’m flexible

Ive been using it as a lib to extract pixel data for real-time screen recording , had a lot of issues getting it to work on OSX though. Lot of errors on compiling it.

“As a low level language, Rust is perfectly suitable for making user interfaces the old fashioned way, with native APIs. However, competing in today’s world typically means supporting many platforms, and that makes using native APIs an unattractive option for many.”

Maybe the most mature binding for rust:

Yet MS is pursuing MAUI which, from what I gather, will be naive UI’s on multiple targets

what is that? :smiley:

Here is a recent subjective survey that shows RUST is at the top of the list.


Although RUST is a beloved language among the surveyed programmers, if the client is using another language, then to get a paycheck the programmer will use the employers language :slight_smile: