Any interest in a CSV File Writer?

from TOF it seems that making my CSV code also able to write reasonably well formed escaped csv’s might be useful
anyone else have a need ?

I have a CSV export option but it could certainly use improving … :roll_eyes:

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let me know if there are errors, omissions or other features needed

Throw a recordset at it to be written to a CSV would be nice Norman

AH !!! good idea
That should be pretty straight forward
Will tinker later tonight


Tinkering done

Give it a spin and let me know !


yes I’ll check that,

i’m looking for the oposite first, import CSV file to sqlite

the CSV Parser project has both a reader (parser) and write
BUT sqlite can import decently well formed csv directly using the command line

+1 on creating sql dump to get a file into a table. Was planning on looking at how far from Norman’s code it’d be - I suspect not very far