Any experience with PWA?

Been reading quite a bit about PWA recently, wondered if anyone has created one and what they thought at it.

I created one with java and teavm

What do you think of it?

Best way to have clean pwa. To have pwa with rest api on server Cuba platform is best of

B4X with the BANano library can also make PWAs. And a B4X jServer to serve the REST API (or use Websockets)

Exactly, Alwaysbusy is right: I also worked with Banano and builded a Web App.

What I read earlier, made it seem like PWA were local apps without the need for a remote data source. So I was thinking about the possibility of PWA as a means of delivering x-plat apps.

Perhaps I am mistaken. Not that it’s something I would consider pursuing as Safari is supposed to be lacking in its support.

You can use it as stand alone installed on the client and you can use it with websocket if you need it.


Not to be a party pooper, but didn’t I read that Apple is trying to kill PWAs?

I only learned about them from the Epic v.s. Apple battle, where Apple made a claim that Epic could use a PWA to distribute their app outside of the App Store.

Google detailed how behind Safari is in supporting them. So yeah Apple’s trying to kill PWAs.

Sorry, I was mistaken then!