Another virus? Or false positives

Seems the latest xojo update is reported as a Trojan again in virus total.

Seems like one of the various common false positives

For sure, you would think xojo would inform them and get it rectified , can’t look good for them.

Xojo ?
Not sure they do or ever did

And they’re still on Christmas break anyway

Users definitely have reported this sort of stuff before

Not good when customers say your code has a virus and refuse to run it. Just had one say that to me.

Love those commericals for colon cancer tests. “May produce false positive or false negative”

Then what good is the test if you cannot trust the result?

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There’s so many bad antivirus tools out there, it’s not really practical to submit every build to every vendor. And you would need to submit your builds for it to make any difference to your customers.

Less invasive, less inconvenient, less expensive = less accurate, but at least indicative.

As a point of interest, colonoscopies are not standard practice anywhere but the US and Germany basically. There is controversy whether they produce enough of a difference in deaths from colon cancer or colon cancer diagnoses to justify such an invasive procedure. It is just that now they are a nice profitable sub-industry and entrenched.

A friend of mine nearly died from sepsis due to improperly sterilized colonoscopy instruments, so the extra risk isn’t an abstraction to me. My wife is a “fast metabolizer” and woke up in the middle of her last colonoscopy in great pain and their sedation protocol did not allow them to re-dose her. I was an ordeal she’ll never repeat.

I am going to tell my doc to send me a Cologard package and I will do a colonoscopy if it comes back positive. My wife is doing the same.