Android Xojo Video XDC

For those interested in Android development Xojo have posted today’s XDC video.

I’ll watch this a little later. Only mildly curious. It’s Web 2.0 I want to see…

christians reply on the forums is informative

so android still looks to be some distance off in the future
maybe a preview for R2 or R3 ?
closer than before but not imminent

Yeah, me too. The other stuff is interesting buy the web stuff is what I’m holding out on.

On another note Bob Keeney really gets vitriolic when he posts about Xojo now doesn’t he? Have you seen his latest post? He’s starting to get nasty when he posts, not professional.

I think if you go back to you can see where it started

from what I understand the conversation he had with geoff really pissed him off big time

Where do you get that? I don’t see any nastiness. He’s just less enthusiastic and a lot more realistic than he used to be.

I think he’s gotten so used to “thats coming in the future” and then it taking inordinately long times to get there that he’s more realistic and will believe it when he sees it

web 2.0 has been “coming” for 3 years
same for android
and ios interops
and a lot of those things on that list

but things that were NOT on the roadmap before now are
and some of the long waited for things have moved down on the roadmap

so “I’ll believe it when I see it” is the order of the day

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I get that, I just think if you run a public facing business your posts should be more professional. Perhaps it’s a British thing :joy:

On another note I wonder if we’ll see Web 2 video tomorrow…

None of us is really sure what the status of BKeeney since Bob has taken a full time role at BlackBag
As for “more professional” I’m not sure what you find unprofessional in that post ?
Is he seriously jaded by yet more “promises” of future stuff ?
I suspect he is far from alone in that camp
Android has been talked about “coming” for at least 3 years
Web 2.0 as well
the only things that havent been talked about were PDF and Workers
Those were truly novel in that presentation

But pretty much everything else has been talked about “coming soon” for a long time and there are a lot of long time users that just dont want more “coming soon” promises

For instance iOS interops were much higher up the list until just the other day and they had even said that their iOS app for XDC is built using them. But, once more, they have slid way down the list again.

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Puzzles me too … one could even argue calling Bob “unprofessional” was unprofessional … :roll_eyes:

Just finished watching the video.

The list of what’s still to come is still huge. I love how “debugger” gets a single bullet point. That’s probably a big engineering challenge. Interestingly, it’s absence was mentioned at last year’s XDC. Can’t help but think the low hanging fruit has been grabbed first…

It was fine but it’s clearly not going to ship for another 6 months at least.


I wasn’t going to reply any more but now feel I need to justify what I put. As for me being unprofessional Markus, I’m on a small forum and posting as myself, not a business website (and I’m not a well know industry professional either)

I just felt the overall tone was disparaging, even down to moaning about them using 10,000 rows in a listbox in their example (did it matter?, they probably just did the first thing that came to mind, it was just an example after all)

Saying that he doubts they really have Web 2,0 nice looking controls (they’re posting a video this week!)

Moaning that things included should have been done before (well they’re doing it now, I’m sure we’d all love our products to be feature complete day one but it’s never going to happen)

The whole tone just seemed negative and every other comment carried a moan or a dig at Xojo. I just perhaps put my own standards on others. I’m obviously in the minority but I’m entitled to my view I guess.

I just felt the overall tone was disparaging, even down to moaning about them using 10,000 rows in a listbox in their example (did it matter?, they probably just did the first thing that came to mind, it was just an example after all)

But its not a realistic test on a web app I think is bobs point
At least thats the way I read that

As I said I think bob is, like so many, tired of “its coming in the future”
Had they said “its coming in the next release” I suspect the tone would have been different and more “Post a beta so we can try this out for ourselves!”

… and isn’t that the crux of the matter? It didn’t feel like that for me.

I do notice the absence of his enthusiasm, but I went through the same not so long ago and am looking at Xojo a lot more dispassionately, but (I feel) also a LOT more realistically.

So maybe what you call “disparaging” is just that he does not share your enthusiasm?

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Since the Carbon delayed release, I stop believe in what I cannot use now.

I am quite sure all of you can understand that.

Who recall REALbasic and Palm ?
(“I loved to have it”: was a first clue)

What gets me is now ‘Easy Database Connectivity’ keeps getting pushed down the the list on the Road Map.

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PDF and easier use of more cores were definitely on the feature request lists
But nowhere on the roadmap

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In Xojo Inc’s defence, the roadmap page does state:

This roadmap only includes large features that we are ready to discuss publicly.

I guess things like workers have been on their radar for a while but they just didn’t want to mention them.