All Xojo language words : SimpleLRBrowser

i saw someone mentionning

in the endless thread about docs on TOF
it does not compile with 2022, and it’s supposed to display the whole xojo language @npalardy ?
i tried to corect it but i’m not good enough to understand the bugs
what’s your source text for language?, i like to imprt all language words in xol.

You need to remove StringUtils.BeginsWith since BeginsWith is now in the framework.

The tool reads the local language reference database for this information.

thanks but the new syntax is like the old one according to doc ?

but i think this app no longer work with new doc
it uses path like
which is not online anymore

It was built to deal with the old SQLite based internal documentation. I do not know if Xojo is keeping that up to date with their always-online documentation. You may need to devise a new system?

? na i’m just looking for the full listing of xojo language words

Like this? Category:Keywords - Xojo Documentation

that lists the vast majority that are in use
there’s a handful that arent listed but also arent used

EDIT : and some that are used that arent listed hmmm
and some that arent “reserved” as in “you cant use this ever anywhere except how & where we say is ok”