Affinity Suite (Designer-Photo-Publisher) v2.0 released today!

Hi all,

Just want to inform you that today Affinity updated all 3 its applications:

Vector/pixel drawing. Very useful for drawing User Interface elements.
For retouching photos (like Photoshop)
Making print publications. If you intend printed manuals or tutorials, this is the application to use.

I work since 2009 with Serif applications (DrawPlus SX and PagePlus SX), then in 2019, when Affinity Designer was released changed again and never looked back.

I think, as a developer, the Designer application is the most useful. At this moment, the price is discounted to 104 euros for the whole suite, iPad inclusive). This is a true bargain.

This is the link where you can find more information:

I want to share this information with the forum. I am a normal Affinity user who is just very satisfied and excited about it. I want to make clear that I do not receive any payment or advantage by posting this message.



Affinity is a really good alternative for creative suite. I am using Affinity for my Documentations and Manuals. It is worth of buying it. This is less then even one month of Adobe Subscription.

I long ago purchased Affinity Designer and Photo - excellent apps indeed.

However more recently I found a really very nice Mac-only vector graphics app called Vectornator, which I’d highly recommend. It does have some functions like auto-trace which Designer doesn’t have (or at least the older version I have doesn’t). Lovely interface too.

It’s free - check it out at

Affinity Designer still has no auto-trace feature, which I also regret. I use my Wacom Cintiq tablet to trace an image.

I put the image to be traced on a background layer, locked and traced it with the tablet. It is more time-consuming, but it gives finer control over the artwork.