Adventures in TextInputCavas : 11

quick update that you can find all the code we’ve written up to this point in

in the Code Editor Bits


how does it work ?

not sure I understand the question ?

sorry. never mind.

Please do ask questions and post remarks if what I’m doing isnt clear
The feedback is useful and I’ll clarify what I can so the overall tutorial is better

Sometimes I’m writing this tutorial AS I write the code and so things may get missed as I do implement different bits of code

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I did not hit that this code was linked to the textinputcanvas series… so I asked myself what this code is all about ? then I re-read the title of the thread… :blush:
many thanks for these very informative articles

Will there be a continuation of this series?

when I figure out how to work < 168 hours a week I’m sure I’ll find time to :stuck_out_tongue:
or when human closing works well