Activate built-in menu function

So, instead of re-inventing the wheel, is there a way I can “click” the Copy command in the Edit Menu which works just fine without any help from me?

How easy it would be to create a “cut” function in a listbox by just calling the built-in Copy function, then deleting the rows?

not really
invoking a menu handler isn’t something you can do readily

And no way to call the built-in Copy function either?

its handled via a menu item so … :man_shrugging:

they’re not hard to replace outright IF you want but you end up needing to subclass the listbox to intercept the handlers nicely
some guy wrote a blog post about this once :slight_smile:

that said there isnt a “EditCut” method you can call in the superclass :frowning:

In a way I wish they had implemented the code for the menu handler that way then you could in your code just call their implementation when you needed and off you go


ok … hacky way found but its fugly as hell :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ll probably just have to write something from scratch. How annoying!

sent you a private message with details you can go peruse

it isnt nice but …

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