Access to iOS /DOCUMENTS folder [for tvOS]

A few versions back of macOS you could use iTunes to directly access the /DOCUMENTS folder of an iPhone or iPad.

Where did that feature go now that iTunes has been replaced by “Music app”?

And if that feature does exist somewhere is it possible to use it with an AppleTV app? I know that the /Documents folder on tvOS is not persistent, but it will stick around long enough for me to move data to/from my mac hopefully

ok… seems there is a “FILES” app for iPhone/iPad that now does this… but nothing for tvOS

any ideas?

After writing up how to find your device in the Finder, I see now that you’re looking to do this for tvOS.

I don’t recall it ever being possible with an Apple TV, but it’s been quite some time since I last used an Apple TV.

Thanks… I thought I found a round-about way to do it using Xcode.

All my data is stored in the main Plist (only persistent storage on tvOS) :frowning:
All the “system” data for an app is stored in an “App Container” which can be downloaded via Xcode
but I cannot seem to reliablly edit/replace like I should be able to. If I edit the plist inside the downloaded container, the “replace” teh contain inside the app, the changes do not appear consistently

guess I’m going to try an iCloud solution… (I HATE iCloud)