A positive rant?

If the person who makes the decisions writes something publicly in the forum and later, not only deny it, but swear that he is incapable of writing something like that, And swear that everyone who knows him would say that he is incapable of doing it…

Maybe the arrogance is at a level that makes impossible to allow any acknowledgment

It is more likely that it has nothing to do with long term/pro users. It is more like a disregard to any other opinion than his own.

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I think it’s part of Xojo’s strategic orientation, and I’ve described the reasoning and problems in Letter to Geoff


What if they were just trying a turnover which has the bad effect of temporarily confusing regular users?
For example, they might be trying to harmonise all parts of the framework (so you have the same code on desktop, iOS and web; that’d be the API2.0 move, like it or not) and this move has to disturb habits for a moment, until all is working again, for something better in the end.
That’s my sight for now.

And yes, I can see the benefit in them merging the language… The problem is, if that was their intention, they could have done it in a way that wouldn’t have broken so much.

It also makes me ask the question as to why it different in the first place?

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I’m open to think they’ve not handled that very well, but this leads to a possible light at the end of the tunnel.

Even if they’re actually not merging the language (that my assumption is wrong), this question is still valid.
I’m inclined to think they’ve done mistakes, hard to not think that. But I don’t think [yet] all is over.

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It often feels like a developer who really likes <some other language/IDE> gets vocal about the current Xojo and insists that ‘the bit they are working on’ has to be more like ‘this other language’

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Well, the said that. But, Xojo could just align iOS with the rest of the framework instead of making this big mess and nonsese renaming.


Granted. The exception should not become the rule that everything must conform to.

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