A general Toolchain for Desktop, Mobile and Web

Since two decades Java Swing exists and it is still a Toolchain which is in use for Desktop Applications. But the best news is: if you are able to write Code for java Swing, also Web- and IOS/Android Applications are not far away. All written in Java and all with the same technics like Java Swing is written. And the BEST on it: one IDE, all platforms, modern UI and no needs for Plugins for any Database, Charts or stuffs like this, even Office automation is no Problem.

How to? Simple. With Java Swing and JFormdesigner and IntelliJIdea. Costs: Around 200 Bucks in the first year and 160 Bucks from the third year for the IDE and the JFormdesigner. That is the beginning for Desktop.

Web you may use Vaadin. Works like a Swing app and can use all available Libraries for the Java Platform like for example apache common tools, Apache Office and so on.Vaadin is free to use and comes under the hood of a free license even for commercial use. a few added professional features will cost a bit of money.

And for Mobile you may use CodenameOne.com. For Projects until 8,5 MB Jar File Size (and that is really much) it will cost you nothing to use even their Build Servers, building local there is no restriction, CodenameOne is SAAS.

With the CodenameOne Toolchain you are compiling IOS Applications not as Java Apps. The Java Applications will be transpired to Xcode Apps and will be compiled for IOS with Xcode. So we are speaking about native Apps for IOS and Android.

All of this Apps are working without any problem on IOS and Android and also Desktop.

How can you start? With Java Desktop simply install Java 17 on your Computer, IntelliJIdea and JFormdesigner and start developing Desktop Apps.

With Vaadin: use the Vaadin Starter Project you find here: Vaadin Flow Quick Start

And for Codenameone use the Starter Project you can find here:

You can find the in my eyes best to use Java Platform for your Hardware and OS using the OpenJDK from Bell-Soft, the Liberia JDK you can find here:

And IntelliJIdea you can find here:

Here ou will find also the Community Edition if you need to Dave Money cause the community Edition you can use of coarse also for commercial projects. Only thing you need to pay for is the IntelliJIdea Marketplace Edition of the JFormdesigner which you find here:Monthly and yearly plans with JetBrains Toolbox

or you can buy the JFormdesigner directly from Formed in Germany which you will find here:Pricing | JFormDesigner - Java/Swing GUI Designer

If you want to use JFormdesigner and the Rest with Jetbrains you anyhow have to buy the license from Formed directly,

So there is a complete Toolchain which is up to date all time while it will be updated for the LTS Versions of openJDK (Version 17 until 2030 for security Updates).

If somebody wants to get a sample Project or a Tutorial feel free to ask for I will provide it. also you can watch the Videos from Formed, IntelliJ, Vaadin and Codenameone.