A course for Geoffrey

The University of Maryland, College Park: The Citizen Developer Mindset: Creating Business Solutions with Design Thinking

Learn how to use design thinking to create training programs to teach citizen developers in design thinking.

That’s a lot of “design thinking” :wink:

You mean “back to school!”?

…for somebody close to his pension? Nah…

That got me to goole the definition of “Citizen Developer”.

One I found is:

By that definition IMO Xojo is not a tool for “citizen Developer”…

Abstracting the nitty gritty of low level OS stuff to not have to deal with a lot of it as Xojo does, is not the same as products that need “no/low coding knowledge” to create anything really useful. (and they tend to hamstring you way too much!!!)

I have been a “citizen developer” for almost 40 years, and I can say from experience more than minimal coding experience is needed to produce robust solutions!

That has not been my experience…



Some of this sound like it would be really useful

The first, second and last item would be super nice to see in action at a certain green company

‘Empathy techniques’ employed by Xojo’s management team. Not going to happen. These people are wired in a completely different way.


just spelled wrong

For me “empathy techniques” has a particularly laughable connotation when it comes to the green co

It made me chuckle out loud when I read that in the course syllabus

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