A commercial web app building tool is going open source!

I just received an email from a low-code tool called Noold.

It is going open source and the open source edition will be released in Jan 2024 end.

This is interesting platform and a tool worth checking out.


to clarify it’s for web apps only
does it acess dbs ?
any app made by it worth seeing ? didn’t find any, didn’t spend long tho
competition for web apps/ai/low code will be tough !

Primarily it is Web First approach to building apps.
Secondly one can build Mobile app using toolkit like Cordovo or PhoneGap.

It has a built in support for MongoDB but one can easily connect to any third party DB like PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.

Please check this set of tutorials

This person has converted quite a few Bubble apps to Noodl.

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looks promising, will take a look (after xmas in my holidays)

thanks a lot !
yes but before watching/reading stuff, you saw any app made with it ? thx

So how will they make their money now?

Will they have a commercial edition? If so will the open source one be less capable? Will they be selling commercial plugins?

  • Karen

I am curious to see real-world applications built with this tool too. Because it looks interesting.

They do discuss that on the site. There will be a commercial edition.

To be frank I don’t know so you need to ask them directly.

Probably they are going to provide paid hosting to earn money.

Actually it is based on Parse Platform which is a complete Application Stack.

Please check this not so short Post also. It may give you a bit more idea on Noodl.