Your ONE recommendation for FREE software?

Eclipse (IDE for Enterprise Java and Web Developers)

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Notepad++ (Windows)



Gnome Builder - I’ve switched all of my development from Xojo to this IDE (using the Vala programming language - twinned with HTML, CSS and JS for web apps)

Application: Definitely Itzycal

Overall: Docker (and Kubernetes) - so extremely useful and for free. Incredible.

And can we please admire VSCode?!


Netbeans. For java, c++ and PHP. Free with java swing designer.

Absolutely stunning editor

KiCad. Best-run open-source project ever, and fast approaching the functionality of $3,000/yr/seat programs like Altium. Wouldn’t want to live without it. Honorable mentions to WinSCP and Google Chrome :slight_smile:

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Worst IDE ever.

Oh, I left out Better Touch Tool. Mac would be all but unusable without it and DefaultFolderX (which I think is not free, but worth every penny). Synergy is pretty damned awesome, too, letting me use my mouse and keyboard seamlessly across Mac and Windows machines, but not sure if it’s free anymore.

i prefer vscodium

yes still use bbedit too, maybe the only one to open gigas big text files

I have tried Eclipse on multiple projects and it was always a nightmare to try and configure the IDE to make a simple ‘Hello World’ program.

Jokingly, Eclipse is a 13 step installation process to print ‘Hello World’, which may, or may-not work. :slight_smile:

MacVim is faster to deal with VERY BIG text files

but the user interface is … well … some levels below bbedit ! :wink:

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NO question. Kickt is nice. And reliable. Together with elektra Autorouter it makes really fun to design prototypes, the manual routing for serial Boards is working like a charm. Kickt is BEST.

Modern IDE’s like IntelliJ, Clion, Netbeans are much better than the crap delivered by Eclipse.

Everything, a desktop search engine for Windows. Blazing fast, instantly updated when the filesystem changes, and supports glob patterns and regexs.