You should read this from time to time

I’m expecting 2020r1 will have some kind of PDF export since a lot of the PDF entries say “2020r1” :slight_smile:

I wonder which PDF library they are using.

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guess we wont know until we see it

I sure hope its more capable than something like libHaru which is really limited

Well whatever library they use, it depends on how much they expose on the Xojo side.

I suspect it will be libHaru.

That is what the Einhugur plugin uses which I have. It exposes a reasonable amount of basic functionality in Xojo. I have used the Einhugur plugin to produce fairly extensive technical reports in my in house app.


I suppose if they are just looking to have a way to export PDF then it ticks that box

Looking at the recent changes of the wiki. Sneaky :slight_smile:

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Probably because of this forum post, this page is no longer publicly available in the Wiki. It’s a pity, because last year, it was a source to see upcoming changes in advance.

oh ffs … very likely
fun to have folks trolling these forums as well for Xojo

edit : some we can still see in advance from other places :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! In a weird way I’m touched by its removal.

I was aware of being able to that for a long while too… It’s a shame Norm posted that link here! :wink:


there could be alternatives - feedback is often a good resource as well :slight_smile:
trust me that one wasnt NEW or unknown - we’d talked about that one internally so why they decided to finally close it off I have no idea
when i was doing all this I suggested just having an internal wiki where all the changes got made and then on release day all those changes could be pushed to the live publicly visible one
oh well :man_shrugging:

heh found a “workaround”
interested parties can message me and I can share but wont do so publicly for fear this forum is being read anonymously and trolled for “tips” like this :stuck_out_tongue:

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With only 50 people on the forum it should be too hard to figure out who’s tattling.

You’d think but Xojo may be reading these forums anonymously ?
At least I assume they can read without having to log in ???

I’m so stupid, yes, you’re correct. You don’t need an account to read the posts.

Yep, one of the complaints about the switch to the new Xojo forums (years ago) was that some people felt uncomfortable giving their real name on a forum. Whilst personally I think that’s a good idea - I’m not going to enforce it here. That’s also the reason I permit anonymous reading. The point of a forum (at least this forum) is knowledge dissemination, not data collection.


Xojo just likes to control what “knowledge” gets shared :slight_smile:

BTW I just did a search of my disk and found Asher Dunn’s last open source PDF classes release (1.5.1 from 2005!).

in his demo you could enter Styled text or do canned demos with rotated text, tables the you can put anything in the cell (including nested tables!) as well as drawing.

And it looks like still works in the most recent version of Xojo just fine!

All I had to do was a global search and replace for AbsolutePath with NativePath and newPicture with New picture.

Hmm if his classes had TOC and hyperlink support, I would consider going back to using them again as I stick to only using the PDF fonts!

BTW in the docs of that version he even lists me as a contributor! :wink:
(I was looking at the PDF spec back then to enhance his code and saw he did not fully understand one of the operators - but that was my ONLY contribution )

If anyone wants a copy let me know and I’ll email it to you.


I read it every other day, it’s like my Christmas list (are we back to saying Christmas?), but I guess I’ve been naughty, no gifts :frowning: