Xojo try catch finally

interesting thread on TOF

And one post that misses one VERY important aspect of FINALLY
A lot of people think FINALLY will ALWYAS be executed

This is NOT true

Put this code

MsgBox "test"

Dim r As New NilObjectException
r.Message = "Test"

Raise r

Catch noe As NilObjectException
  MsgBox "finally"

in the open event of a window and watch what happens
The FINALLY is NEVER executed

This behaviour is NOT unique to Xojo
Finally is ONLY executed of there is NOT explicit return in a CATCH before the FINALLY

Still banned? No new account to answer in the official forum?

The ban will outlast me by a thousand years or more :stuck_out_tongue:

At one time I did try a different account and Xojo seemed to also ban my IP
So I just dont give enough shits to try anything more

Their loss since the # of folks who can actually answer some of these questions is slowly diminishing

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Yeah it seems the track IP addresses… as I too tried to create a new account…
But as Norman said… oh well…

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Here, my public IP address (from my ISP) is dynamic. So sad I’m not banned, as they couldn’t rely on my IP address to prevent me making a new account… :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a static IP?
It doesn’t change every day?

Same IP address for the last more than 10 years

You could use a VPN. But as you said, is it really worth it?

Still cannot understand Norman was banned… Even today.
Being polite, helpful and cautious makes no difference for Xojo…

This alone makes me angry. Each time I go to the forum.
I don’t yet fear their choices for the product (API2, bugs importance, etc), but banning someone just because of a different opinion than the CEO… Can’t get it.

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The explanation was basically non-existent
No warning nothing just banned

Their loss

Exactly. I’m glad you kind of “tolerate” this so you stay around, but you could even sue them for that.
Have you tried asking them for the exact reason? (I don’t remember whether you did).

An injustice is already something that shouldn’t exist, but without even explaining, that’s truly unacceptable.

They may be in need of staff. maybe you could re-apply soon?

thats funny and morbid at the same time

I havent and its not worth pursuing any legal action
I’m not sure that would even be possible

That communities loss
Not mine

I still use Xojo
Still doing lots of work in it
Just not helping any users on their forums

Sorry, sometimes I like dark humour.

just help users in this forum instead!!

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At this point you’re stuck with me