Xojo Support Group Forum

I’ve made a forum for Xojo devs, I so i don’t spam too much here :laughing:

it’s been up since november but i do too many things at the same time, didnt finish it then

so here it is:

This irony of posting such an announcement here. :joy:


wow, the level of stupidness is reaching new heights :roll_eyes:


If anyone doesn’t like the forum here run by Norman.

There is another one run by Xojo Inc.: Xojo Forum


Too many grammatical and spelling errors on the Xojo Support Group forum. Criticizing people or raising comments that master Dalu doesn’t approve of will get deleted, and criticizing people are getting banned silently. Is this the new low democracy standard in Europe?

When I see the intellectual intelligence on that forum, I am glad I left Europe for Botswana - Africa. At least here in Botswana, you can raise an honest opinion or remark.

Good luck, Dalu; it seems you have too much time to waste on stupidities.

I prefer the INN forum, run by Norman Palardy.


I swear I first saw it announced on TOF, but it seems to be gone there now. That too is ironic.

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Yes, it was announced there. I saw it 4 minutes after it was posted, and was surprised it made it that long.

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Why a new forum ?
Just use this one - that was kind of the purpose of this

Gotta love autocorrect :stuck_out_tongue:

Such a post CANT live there

You should read the hillarious reason posted there:

“…other alternative places … are not constructive places for Xojo projects and Xojo users. Lots of ranting on web 1 web 2, API 1, API 2 blablabla, endless useless threads, and sometimes direspectfull comment towards Xojo inc people”

“there is no free speech here”

“I will delete silently all post critizing xojo. inc people, don’t be a weak mind”

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Either he is very busy deleting posts or he is the only one who posts there. :clown_face: