Xojo - Saving will increase the minimum version of the IDE required to open this project

Creating a custom button that uses a canvas and transparent png image. (I assume png is the best format for this?) I dragged in the image and it works well.

I’m using 2019r1.1, and when I go to save the project I receive the warning:

What’s this all about?

probably because you are now using features that are in 2019r1.1, that were not in what ever version you first used to create it.

The internal version number usually doesn’t change unless something like this happens…

Of course 2020r1 will change it as well

What version had you been using ?

Same. Saved it to a new name and it still seems to open in 2019r1.1. Maybe it’s just a warning that it won’t open in IDEs OLDER than 2019r1.1, but it’s not being very clear?

I cant say I’ve ever had 2019r1.1 give me that warning for just about ANY project

am I correct in thinking the minimum version is easily changed in the project file (text/xml)

yes it is, but doing so incorrectly could muck up the project file

ok I remember doing it when the released 19r2 and it was a one line thing at the top of the file.
since then I just decided never to use anything except 19r1 so no issue

Interesting. Here’s what it shows in the project file before I “accepted” the warning:


After saving:


So the original file could have been opened in a 2007 version? Wow.
The oldest version I’ve ever owned is 2018. Must have been some code I dragged in from an Example file or something…

Yeah you should still be good to go

2007 as the MinIDE has been standard default since… oh… around 2007

I just created a blank XML project with 2019r1.1

<RBProject version="2019r1.1" FormatVersion="2" MinIDEVersion="20070100">