Xojo must still love me

LOL… despite being “banned for life” from “that other forum”… They still insist on sending me email after email with announcements despite me asking Dana personally to cease and desist, and her indicating that she had.

I guess I’ll just route them to the trash bin, and grin and bear the annoyance :frowning:

Have a mail rule that replies to them with “please cease and desist” “please remove me from your mailing list and stop sending me these emails” and then deletes them
Even the replies will get your auto reply and you wont have to do anything
And since it is a request to remove you they really have no reason to complain if they get into an auto responder loop. Its not “spam”


Evil. But funny

If you request and they dont and they keep sending you email then an autoresponder makes sense
I think there’s some law or regulation about companies HAVING to remove you from their mailings if you ask them to

Yes, Dave should have been removed as soon as he asked to.

I’ve had to fight some companies to remove me off their mailing lists, right now I’m fighting the phone company who thinks they have the right to send me publicity through SMS messages because they claim that I probably requested them by clicking something in some website they can’'t even name. I wouldn’t be fighting them and just let it be if they were not sending me SMS messages at 3:00 am. I don’t want to silence the phone at night since my kids use an app where they can send distress SMS messages if needed.

But back to Dave, I think they want him back :wink:

Why not block their #?
If you’re using an iOS device, you can also allow “favourites” to break through the Do Not Disturb. Set your kid’s # to a favourite and they’ll always be able to text you when you’re in DND mode, and others are silenced.

Want in one hand and s*it in the other… see which fills up faster :smiley:

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I requested a cease and desist after each of these

  • May 4 - after getting an xDev email
  • May 12 - after an MBS announcement
  • May 28 - about Tim taking over Argen
  • Jun 10 - about next XDC (or whatever)

a few had a “don’t want these? change you email pref”… Oh wait in order to do that you need to logged into the forum… and guess what, we aren’t gonna let you do that!

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They probably would like a few of the frequent posters to return
Post volume seems “down” but thats sort of an informal feel more than anything
Dave was one of those frequent posters

They are sending messages from different numbers with promotional codes :frowning:

This ones are not during off hours but still I don’t care if Papa Johns is having a promotion

We block you as you desire.

I have noticed the low volume of posts in the forum. Except for that one guy wanting to subclass everthing LOL

I had the same issue with recent testing
I was contractually obligated to do it but couldnt log in to the forum to get the versions to test

Worked around that but still …

I still find it incredible that you guys are banned from that ‘other’ forum.
Speaks volumes - not to their credit…

I’m not any longer - but was for a reason I still do not understand but … :man_shrugging:
Dave still is for whatever reason they gave him

Its their “property” and you have to be a member to be permitted to post so I suppose you cant even make the case that its a “public” forum like Twitter or some of the other social media and possibly has to permit “free speech”

Their rules are set up to control what the audience that frequents there sees
Thats Xojo’s prerogative
Various threads on here have gone through comparing Xojo to other tools and in most cases Xojo does well ESP if you want a x-platform tool
But those conversations cant happen there
Nor can the ones about showing of what other people are doing in other languages
I think that is limiting for their users and that forces people to explore other things by going elsewhere
So they do … like here or other vendors forums etc

Add a filter to your email client.

Seems we need an “evil grin” reaction emoji

Did you check the “Want to hear from us?” section of your Xojo account? (Not forum account, but where your Xojo licenses etc are listed.)

seems that too was disabled… guess they are being vindictive… not surprising

You cant even log in to your account to alter it in any way ?

How are you supposed to disable the emails if you cant alter your account ?
Maybe enable auto renewal (or worse turn it off it if was on ?)
That seems overboard to lock you out of your account