Xojo ListBox Header Events

Supposedly there are new Header Paint events now?
HeaderBackgroundPaint(g As Graphics, column As Integer) As Boolean
HeaderContentPaint(g As Graphics, column As Integer) As Boolean

I don’t see anything in the documentation showing that. Can anyone verify? Love to see if these can finally be used to get past the limitations of the built-in header.

They are 2020r1 only AFAIK

Just draw it yourself:

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That’s great stuff. All I really want is just a different font and 2-line headers without much work, but I’ll take some time and go over your tutorial. The results look excellent. Good job.

You can download the source code from the xDev Mag website:


Direct link is


You might also want to check out the 18.2 issue in which I demonstrate how to merge rows and columns (though I left it to the reader to make the solution general). Source code link: