Xojo, Kotlin & Android

I have just read a bit into the Kolin documentation and get the impression that it should be possible to write a Xojo program that can access the Kotlin Command Line Compiler to create Android programs.

Do I suspect correctly that this is exactly what Xojo does behind the scenes? So we write Xojo code, which is translated into Kolin code and then translated into an Android app using the Kotlin Command Line Compiler?

What do you think?

I actually doubt seriously that Xojo would be going that route. What you described is actually called a Transpiler (I am in the process of writing one that creates Swift code, not from an Xojo project, but the same idea)

Xojo is most likely taking a LLVM oriented path

Pretty sure this is NOT the approach they are taking

not taking which approach?
LLVM or Transpiler?

sorry for the ambiguous reply

It could be that, but, they could also do it with Java code.

This is the way other tools like B4A work

Yeah they’re not doing that either as far as I know
Pretyy sure theyre going to use the NDK which lets them make native code app on Android (ie/ much like writing a C++ app for android)