Xojo IDE scripting

I would like to save a copy of my work each time I press the CTRL-S key, basically save the current file, then back it up under a different name eg NAME(adding a date/time)

Is this actually possible in the Xojo IDE when saving the file?

I don’t think so.

If you have something like iDrive watching your project folder it will keep the last 10 revisions it has backed up. This can be useful in certain situations but using a source code management system is much better.

I have written a basic tool to monitor for file changes in a folder and back up the changes, however i would rather not have this running day to day just to back up each save. I see this is a standard option in lianjua, should be in Xojo. Simple rename/save should not be hard to do.

AFAIK you can’t have the IDE run or do something automatically when you use the normal save function (like an event). What you can do is create a save script that saves the project and makes a copy, then re-bind Ctrl/Cmd-S to run that script instead of the default Save action.