Xojo for Pros?

Didn’t Geoff tell Bob Keeney that Xojo’s focus on citizen devs?


IIRC he told me that the prerelease testers were not their target audience. QED their target audience is newbies.

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Thanks for that clear statement. HE quoted that and now he says he never said something like that. It is like the “We will fix Showstoppers for Web 1.0”. Hahaha. No. They won’t.

we’ll the way back machine probably archived bobs post about “If I’m not the target audience who is” which was written shortly after that comment was made

just saying there’s at least some evidence of the comment

EDIT : here

The verbiage may be slightly off but I was stunned at the time. And the point where I knew I was going to leave the Xojo consulting world. How could I, in good conscious, ever recommend Xojo to a client ever again after a statement like that?

While you still believed the written words and believed there will be a good future with better times. That’s why. Believing to a promise is a believing into the future

It never really made sense for anyone. As if newbs and citizen developers are cool with a buggy 85% solution.

Something like that time he “didnt” said that it was his company and no one is going to tell him how to do things. :sweat_smile:

Someone once said

Hope is not a business plan

But technology tells you how not to do things at least.

I dunno man, I’ve done a few territory plans in my day. Hope was the primary ingredient.

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Hope can be one part of a business plan
But hope as the primary basis for a business isn’t a good plan or business
Google “hope is not a business plan”


Yeah, I thought about taking him to task on the statement, but it wasn’t worth derailing the discussion further. And happily, the discussion did lead to acknowledgment and capitulation regarding Control Sets!


I have a client right now who is hell-bent on learning this the hard way. Having trouble convincing him that we actually need to test circuit boards before putting them into products and shipping. “Can’t we just plug it in and see if it works? I’m hoping the boards will come from the factory without any defects.” :roll_eyes:

Yeah I worked for that same kind of CEO once
And since we did things his way we’re lucky something didnt burn down as the solder was “excessive” and a few circuits that shouldnt have been were soldered together and things shorted
They used a fairly “new to them” device that I dont recall the name of
A table like device with solder in it that they kind of skimmed the boards across ?
(EDIT : flow or wave soldering device is what it was - had to go google it)

Needless to say the return rate on those where we did it his way was excessive.
So then we started unit testing them before they went out and the defects in the filed went way way down.
Expensive lesson to learn at 8K per device that fried + service, repair & replacement

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I only have 46 years of experience doing this, over hundreds of products and tens of millions of units shipped, and this is his first time, so naturally he feels he’s entitled to question everything I say!

Bah what could you POSSIBLY know ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t Murphy’s law apply ?
If it can go wrong it will

I only worked for this little company for about 3 years and I was on the software end of things
But had people working in my group who did the on-site service & support
We fixed more hardware issues than software glitches but …

It’s ALL about Murphy! Ignore him at your peril!

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I always tell people Murphy is alive and well and has a room in my house.
He’s been living with us for far too long but I just cant get the lazy bugger to get a job and move out :stuck_out_tongue: