Xojo for iOS

So, I have an iOS app I need to write as a companion to a web app later this year.

I’ve never once used Xojo for iOS and keep hearing how it’s “half baked” etc etc

So please could you knowledgeable folks explain to me what problems I might come up against?

It doesnt use the same xojo framework as everything else
Wont go into the whys & wherefores it just doesnt
So you use Text, not strings
A lot of classes are namespaced (Xojo.Core.Dictionary etc)

That alone is a big stumbling block for a lot of stuff because code you have in a desktop app cant just move over and be reused

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not to mention the Xojo for iOS requires tons of “declares” to compensate for all of the UIKit things that are not exposed… You might be much better off learning Swift instead… if you are interested, take a look at the posting I made earlier on this forum, where I encapsulated tons of Swift into classes that mimic Xojo syntax.

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I would be very reluctant to write a new iOS app in Xojo at this point in time. I myself am holding off until API 2.0 ships for iOS which should be this year.

Everything @DaveS and @npalardy say is also completely true also.

I’m not sure I would expect ios revamps this year given everything else


I’d have rather kept everything in Xojo but will probably do the iOS app in Flutter then.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Its JUST far enough away to be “unsure”
And we are already in May with 2010r1 not having shipped yet and its not clear when it will
Until iOS is API 2 and uses the same types as other code its probably not prudent to start since this change should be along in a time frame that might mean its a wasted effort (ie/ you just get done in time to then want to switch it all) and its not clear if Xojo switching to API 2 will alter anything else on iOS

After spending the last couple of days trying to understand Xojo IOS the one thing I took out of the hours spent was the realization that at this point in time I should use an alternative.

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As a person who has ported a MacOS app to iOS I can say it takes plenty of work until API 2 comes to iOS. First of all, I copied all the code into a new project and then started editing (dim t as string becomes dim t as text, etc.). So you will not have a single project which is cross-platform.
I am working on putting my Nashville presentation into the Xojo Youtube channel. But I have to learn how to make a video and post to Youtube so it will take me some time.

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I was invited to write an article for xDev magazine based on the presentation I would have given in Nashville about porting a MacOS app to iOS. I am more at home writing than doing a video so look for the information in the next edition of xDev magazine.

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