Xojo Documentation : KeyCodes

For those who care. the Keycodes in current Xojo documentation are WRONG (surprise!!!)… Apple updated them in 10.12. MOST are still the same, but there are a lot of differences

has the correct list

I have validated this using Swift in Monterey and it all matches that website

Oh, the Xojo boys just may have missed that train…

Not the first one they missed and I guess also not the last one.

I guess Xojo would have known if there were unit tests that checked for expected values.

Is there another way to notice the changes in the Keycodes?

besides your program not working properly? :slight_smile:

After thinking about it more, I’m betting that Xojo “made up its own” keycodes, and they have some translation table hidden in an API someplace…

The app I “discovered” this with was written in Swift (of course), and web research led me to another table that DID match what the hardware was telling me…

And since I need to do this all outside of “Xojo”, I need to use the codes that are used by the OS, not something “made up”

Possibly it is one of the hidden prices paying for Xplat with it. I can only say: I don’t have that problem with Java, not with Swing, not with JavaFX. So I guess it is an internal invention since it is also no problem with QT as I checked out also. Xojo has several problems located on all places of the IDE and the Compiler, this is only a small one.

Datatime makes problems, math makes Problems, the Database Connectors delivered with Xojo are a mess (bleeding slow and not stable), the Web->let’s not speak about, the Desktop is not really stable, not reliable and is suffering from Changes in it’s framework since the last versions of the last 12 months where it was already with API 2 in Production, IOS is let me say half ready and Android: may come soon or wait for reincarnation of Hare Krishna, who knows?

The amount of Bugs is still not less than before, 6670 open Issues at the moment like you can see at this pic here:

Screenshot made today, 11pm German time.

So, if I am looking on it, nothing really changed. That is a problem while many of the Bugs are Showstoppers and we are far away from the last Bug Bash.

The Docs are in chaos and the Software by self is driven by Libs which are older than my Grandkids. The UI is native but not really and the XPLat Idea behind is brilliant but they do not follow a clear XPLat Concept.

So what are we awaiting from Xojo? Is it the reducement of Bugs to0? No,that will never be happening before that the Hell is frozen, Flight to Mars costs only an hour and most of us are not on this planet while after own funeral.

Looking on the Feedbacks for Android it is still in an early pre Alpha Phase with many Compiler Errors which are a real problem to fix at the moment.

And yes, looking on it shocks me while I thought that there are less Bugs in Feedback. I realized today that the amount I that big.