Xojo Datepicker

Anyone seen a DatePicker control for Xojo to save me from re-inventing the wheel?
Needs to be X-Plat (Mac/Win/Linux)

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Einhugur has one in their plugin

And I believe Mike Cotrone has an open source https://github.com/mikecotrone/CalendarTimeChooser


Thank you, those look great!

Bjorn is on the Discord & really does a nice job making x-platform controls


It’s #2 on the roadmap.

Take that with a grain of salt
They also have marked Web 2.0 as “done” along with API 2 for desktop & PDF Support
You can see how many bug reports and questions there are about these things still so “Done” is relative

Having alternatives is a good thing just in case Xojo’s dont work as well or the way one might expect

a date time picker is available on 2020r2

grain of salt as folks sort out the bugs in it

What would be the hardest way to change the time?

Oh! Let’s have the user move the hands of the clock.

I’ve never said it’s the best one !
as I needed one years (if not decades) ago, I have one to suit my needs for long.
I won’t be using the xojo one.