Xojo business users

ARGen’s biggest weakness, IMO, was loading the entire record even if you only used a single field. For a listbox with a lot of rows but only showing 2 or 3 columns it was a big waste of time/memory. But, you could get around that by using a View that only had the fields you needed and when going to Edit load the original record(s) you needed.

There was some thought about doing some lazy loading of data (i.e. only loading ‘high priority’ fields and only I load the other columns if they’re accessed) but that seemed like more work than I wanted to do. Not sure it would have been ‘better’ either. I think using a view was a better solution and that way you could combine multiple tables into one list without penalty.

The entire billing is not acceptable. I had in my audits from tax authority long discussion about this billing while normally I am not even allowed to accept that form of bill. This company is not interested in european users. What you anyhow can see and feel using the date time functionality of the language when you see there Idea of it. They are focused on US customers only. What can I do as customer? Swallow it and pay even when it is not accepted by the authority or use another Language (Solution).

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The entire point on it is: if you are lucky they accept your declarations. If not you loose much money while your tax will climb up. In case of a GmbH (a german form of a limited company) 30% of the price you will have to pay as tax on top while they do not accept that billing. Neat. With a Team of let me say 20 people you would have a big loss. Not acceptable.

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2 ways payment authentification…
You are lucky.

Compare to the French situation:
must write the VISA # (16 digits ?)
must write the complementary 3 digits (other side of the VISA Card),
wait for the 6 (or 8 ?) confirmation # (by phone),
and now, you must ask a number to your bank, wait until you get it and then (after doing confirmation for this - don’t ask I just asked for it) type it at buy time !

When will they ask for DNA ?

btw: the amount was < 4€, for a goverment requirement ! (on a government web site only)…

Out of interest, which part of the billing process causes the problem of can’t buy as a business? Maybe the UK requirements are more lax compared to other parts of Europe so I’m less sure.

  • Is it that the name on the invoice includes the persons name first?
  • Is it that you have to pay by card rather than Invoice?
  • They don’t collect sales tax?
  • Is there another local requirement or has it been so long since I purchased Xojo I can’t remember the process :joy:

correct, persons name first is a bad idea. Payment doesn’t matter (though it is interesting that they were able to charge me w/o 2FA). Not collection sales taxes doesn’t matter if there is no need and the selling company is outside of the EU and doesn’t have offices here, but wrong formal invoicing does.

Though we are talking about Germany, it’s not really rocket science. If an invoice looks like a draft written by a child, you are instantly open to a lot of questions during an audit. Millions of devs and well known brand doesn’t help to circumvent those issues.