Xojo array <-> JSONItem Array

In 2019r1.1 is there no way to directly assign a Xojo array from a JSONItem array and conversely, assign a JSONItem array from a Xojo array?

Seems like I have to iriterate through the elements and add each one?

It’s like JSONItem is missing an .ArrayValue method?

Only because you want one.
Maybe try: (untested)

Dim myJSONArray as string
myJSONArray = "{" + chr(34) + join(XojoArray, chr(34) + "," + chr(34))   + chr(34) + "}"

Lol. Well, it has .StringValue, .IntegerValue, etc.
.ArrayValue would be helpful.

I’ll play with that. Thanks!

Just be careful to test for if it is an array or Dictionary to avoid exceptions since the JSON output may be nested.