Xojo Android first impression

and here we are again… discussing the course of a former good idea and product getting more and more lost due to the fact of poor management and missing long-term-orientation. Lessons not learnt, not with Web, not with iOS and now not with Android.

Now the “Pro” Customers have to pay for another target, which in best case can be considered as alpha or experimental while the existing targets aggregating more and more bugs. Linux Desktop as platform is quite unuseable, Web aswell and the bugs and quircks in Windows and Mac moves Xojo more and more away from RAD than ever before.

Today I never could give any customer a quote for anything written with xojo.

My final statement on this… Xojo is dead. The Business Model of Xojo Inc is failing.
And damn I blame Geoff for this failure, because for many years I loved Xojo and it brought my Business forward.

The F*ck, bring a GPLed version of Xojo… release the sources so more manpower can fix or fork the mess you have created the last years.


Your text is a bit long for a tombstone inscription, but it could work with Helvetiva 8.

In any case, it is a concise summary of the facts. I would have said “unfortunately” 2 years ago …


Here Lies Xojo
Coulda. Shoulda. Woulda.
But we knew better what you wanted.


Beta means there might be some bugs. Android is likely alpha with limited functionality.


I still can’t believe, you pay money for an additional abstraction layer (Xojo) full of bugs and quirks to end up with declares. But of course there is always an addon for something, another abstraction layer, increasing your technical debt and makes you more depended on third parties with even more money to spend. And they dare to call everything “Professional” or even “Enterprise”.

I consider Xojo Inc’s business model as scam. Of course there will be some weirdos buying this, but after a learning-curve with real-world (paid) projects, they will find out, what we already know and experienced the last years.


I don’t see this ever happening. Geoff will never give up control.

I have that in a Desktop project, using Xojo 2021r2.1… the DebugLog after the Break rectangle display the information, but the program “skip” the Break rectangle…

The Xojo community is doing some real-world setup alpha-testing now. Luckily I stopped working with Xojo before creating a codebase that I would need to port to another platform now.

Not even events are working???

Low code! :slight_smile:

In a certain sense, yes.

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“Low Code” for Xojo has a different meaning…

“Low Code” is the amount of Xojo code that actually “works”…

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Isn’t there a Green forum policy that prohibits the promotion of other platforms?


They have to do something to teach people how they can extend Android. You know, to make it usable.


It is the same (stupid?) thing that with desktop, you have to use other tools to compile a plug in…

I think that The real problem is that it has to be compiled to every posible architecture so the APK is going to be bloated with many not used binaries.

In any case, it shows that the green company is very self-confident. Just as I (and likely many others) came to the conclusion during the development of Web2 Plugins that I could also use TypeScript for everything “web”, the same could happen with Android. Especially since Kotlin is quite nice and from there it’s not far away to Kotlin Multiplatform … a dance on the volcano …

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New video whowcasing the new compiler errors :expressionless:


Do you have a recommendation for a good TypeScript tutorial?

Using Kolin Multiplatform Mobile grants the use of native UI not to forget to mention. That is the Xojo wanted way of Mobile but in a professional manor. Could be a really good idea.

yeah I’ve filed many many many of those with various causes

pretty sure this is a fault in the transpiring of Xojo source to Kotlin source that the kotlin compiler then pukes on
And with NO information from that compiler to even know what to fix it leaves you with 2 options

  1. guess & remove things like mad
  2. do no more work

its fugly and thats being generous