Xojo? a truly "cross platform" developement system?

Not as much as they’d like you to think


Well, I dont think anyone want to build on iOS, much less on WEB.

But, yes, I remember having contacted tech support because I had a PRO licence and iOS was not available showing anywere, I really felt scammed when they said that I had to get a MAC and work there because it is not posible to build for iOS in other platform :rofl: :rofl: (by that date, I had already been doing iOS apps for 2 years without touching a mac)

That isn’t the point :)… the point is they said “ANY” …

Maybe English isn‘t their first language? :wink:

Well, as long as I can build for Windows on my Mac, I am happy. Because that is the reason I came to Xojo.
Building Linux apps is a nice bonus and essential for web app deployment.


same here… i am happy i can generate both windows and mac app in one build

I cant.
I compile for the Mac on the Mac, and then take the code and compile for Windows on a windows machine using my other licence. Windows builds compiled on the Mac dont run for me… :frowning:

Strange… i have doing it for last 15 years since RB and RS and then Xojo.

Wonder what is the problem for you???

Can i ask what version on mac osx are you using and how much RAM?

Was on High Sierra, now Catalina
8Gb 2015 MBP
Havent tried for well over a year, mind you.

You get used to a way of working, like you get used to a creaky door.
(Couldnt compile 64 bit on my Windows VM either, but luckily 32bit is fine for Windows)

i am using Mojave on 2017 iMac with 8 GB RAM and use to have an older iMac 2011 with 16 GB RAM.
the extra RAM does make a big difference

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Have to say thats really weird
I’ve used Windows VM’s for a long long time and only rarely do I actually need to fire up my windows machine for something hardware related that a VM doesnt do well

My NTFS USB drives are unusable on Windows inside virtual machines (and barely reliable with products like “NTFS for Mac” (Paragon) where I encounter glitches like bad unmount (transforming to corruption later) at least once per month).

I’ve installed Windows 10 as Boot Camp on a MacBook Air, last week, only for cases like this.