XOJO 2021R2 initial experience

I grabbed the new version over my lunch hour and toodled around with it. One notable improvement for me personally (since evidently not everyone experienced this) is that the IDE navigator is noticeably faster. I haven’t gone through the notes to see if it’s addressed but if anyone else had this experience then give this version a spin.

Here’s more detail into my hair pulling moment:

I second that. It had been obviously noticed during the beta testing and I continue to be impressed as of today.

I have a gigantic project and dont find it vastly improved speed wise

My issue was the navigator. Initially it was almost two seconds to get an item to pull up and render. But no, Xojo isn’t a snappy IDE by any stretch.

yeah this is a pretty sizeable project and its web 2

its been … an experience

lets say that

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Web 2.0? Ok Norman, you’re gonna have to spill some deets. I puttered around with it but was waiting for it to mature. Is it really a viable solution? Can we get a post mortem?

I really cant share much in the way of details

well lets just say this project is beating the begeezus out of web 2

Web 2 has still got issues - some of which were why the release took so long
This is a team effort and we still have many bug reports filed
We’re TRYING to get a product ready but we have much work left to do and I’m sure that as we work on things we will press Xojo to fix many many more issues

Not yet would be my estimation

We’re literally rewriting a product that existed in web 1 but since thats no longer supported …

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I had two Web 1.0 solutions that were used by no more than 25 people. They got wonky when I was at a full load. My question is whether Web2.0 is going to be able to be a public facing product with many concurrent users?

So far it doesnt seem capable of handling much much heavier loads than Web 1.0 does
You might get a few more users because they cut down some of the chatter but its not likely to jump from a server handling 25 users to 250 users
IF you’re using Xojo Cloud they scale by simply running more instances
Nothing you couldn’t do using nginx etc which by the way @Tim 's LifeBoat makes dead easy