Xojo 2020r2 is available (for some)

Pay to test their beta software? why would i want to do that??

To make sure that your apps work in their latest versions, Apple do this also. Apple’s fee is between $198 to $7K a year.

That’s the $99 Apple Developer Fee (to get access to the beta) and the cost of hardware divided by 7 (the number of years they support said hardware, although if you’re really unlucky they only support your hardware for 6 years and with the ARM transition, I hear rumors it’s going to drop to only 4 years).

Not sure what your point about development cost is - or in fact the cost and lifespan of hardware, as these affects both Xojo and any other dev environment.
And neither do you really need to pay apple the dev licence to develop an app - as you well know.

You don’t seem to be saying this tongue-in-cheek either, so i’m curious as to what point you’re trying to make…

I have no need to test IDE beta versions - if i ever resubscribe, it will be because i’ve tested actual release version and would be happy enough to use this. For now i’m quite happy using other environments.

I’m sure there are dev teams for whom beta testing would be important – but for these teams this is a moot point as they will already be subscribed to the this, they wouldn’t need to purchase the privilege.

So my (rhetorical) question stands.

Oh… Rhetorical question…

You can register to be part of beta and have beta access for $0
I’ve done that for years

Buying hard ware is not a requirement

Only if you have an active license.

I believe Norman is talking about Apple.

Yes, Xojo don’t make Hardware :rofl:

Oooh - that explains it. Would have been the first time I know more than Norman when it comes to computers … :roll_eyes:

This is for Apple not Xojo

Trust me when it comes to chemistry & such I’ll be knocking on your door :slight_smile:

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:thinking: Are you confusing me with Walter White?

I’m the Biology guy … best I can do are some mushrooms :wink:

(and to clarify: I mean champignons and chanterelle, not magic ones)

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Trust me you know more about chemistry than I do even though you are a biologist :stuck_out_tongue:

I was under the impression that you had to have an active developer license (as in pay them annually) to get the developer betas. At least its a lot cheaper than it used to be, although I do miss the massive discounts on hardware that we used to get (which exceeded the cost of entry).

the huge discounts made joining the program worth it
And it used to be how many whole systems you could buy at a discount which was awesome

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