XDC on the future with "AI"

I’m an optimist, but will never work (under the current facts) work as seamlessly and efficiently than with a modern language.

As you said, the code base is missing, the tutorials, blogs are missing … end of story. An even if the users would start feeding the systems, I dare to predict that it will be game over.

You mean with Eddies Electronics?

This meme is about .NET, but could be true of most any platform vendor right now.


I’d truly thought it was more like

But both work

Green sign? … :slight_smile: - OK, I’ll shut up …

All this AI bullshit is to get money from gogos…

More, far more development years have to come to get a REAL and usable AI.

Like all fashion, another technology will come and in some months no one will talk about that anymore ! :fox_face:

Let’s hope that the already successful people implementing AI in dermatology and radiology won’t listen to you :wink:

@Emile and please tell Microsoft that they should stop and that they are on the wrong way. Announcement from yesterday :wink:

But we can still install Xojo on Windows to enjoy an AI free island of silence and hope.

Yes. And for Emile: you can use ai free windows 3.1.

Oh I think this is a sea change that will stick … it probably just won’t be as helpful as some hope it will, as soon as they think.

Yesterday after a couple of days getting used to my coding style, Copilot completed a medium-sized comment based on the first 3 words, and completed a similar error message inside a thrown exception after the first word – correctly. If that’s all it did I wouldn’t pay $100/year for the privilege, but I expect it will do more as it gets familiar with my code base and my approach to things, and I get in the habit of issuing prompts to write code inside empty method bodies via comments, etc.

One thing it isn’t doing well with is talking to the database, at least with straight-up ADO.NET. It appears to be completely ignorant of my DB tables / column names or SPs so it doesn’t autocomplete parameter names and such. I am guessing it would do better with Entity Framework since that would give it the schema information. And that is where MSFT tends to push its devs, to its in-house ORM – an impulse to which I have never succumbed.

That’s interesting, as this a feature I like very much in my projects. But generally speaking you are right, it isn’t perfect yet, but over time it suprises a lot (at least me). One small example. I wrote a small routine (before using CoPilot) to mark all checkboxes when clicking on one button.

Of course i added a button to uncheck them all. And it proposed me the code instantly. Not something you really need, but nice to have and just increasing your productivity significantly as it of course just sole dumb copy and paste and changing some boolean trues to false …

And as I am using a few languages in parallel, I observed that it is doing best with Go and Java, not so much with Rust. But one would think that it has to excel in the MS field as it is a MS product. Another explanation could be that Java is more verbose, and it is easier for CoPilot to understand what you are planning to do …

Let’s forget that this video is from the manufacturer, let’s forget that it has nothing to do with programming but let’s remember that it is actually AI relevant and that this is not about the future, it’s already included in their newest product line.

Of course that has consequences: copyright problems, which picture can I still trust? etc. but that’s not my concern. It’s about how the world is still changing every day.

Of course, people are also needed for this image processing, of course someone has to have ideas. You don’t get up in the morning and AI says: “hey, I have a picture for you here that you can sell to your customers”. But you should see for yourself, whether you like it or not, that the world is changing, faster, and with more and more consequences (good or bad) for all of us, including “how” we’ll code, and more importantly how the competition will code. In this example for PS competitors, like Affinity who are on par with PS, but not (yet) in regards of AI.

This is interesting:


Great expectations:

I train CHatGPT, so I will no more need to use GPT & others…

At least someone speaks to the colleague who recently annoyed us here and finds the term “online terrorist” extremely amusing.

Nonetheless, that is the only added value I see, unless you are interested in how people will continue to greatly overestimate themselves and their abilities in 2023, much to the embarrassment of others.

“ChatGPT may not consider our innovation because new scans are very costly” - AI is intelligent and recognizes what is relevant and what is utterly insignificant :-). The fact that Web1 and Web2 were not clearly distinguished in the forums or documentation has come back to haunt them, and that will not change anytime soon, even if natural intelligence now seems to recognize that as a priority.

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More experimentation will be required before I can make a determination as to whether or not it can be sufficiently tune to produce the level of quality we would require.

Quality - yeah, sure.

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reading between the lines …

  • I(!) will decide
  • it(!) can be done someone else (aka team)
  • I(!) will decide if the level of quality is enough (this is THE known issue for years now, not the team, but …)

Twist of Fate: as I am new to Vaadin and JPA. I just had a more complex problem with parallel updates to postgres, without mastering Vaadin’s event system I got stuck. I clicked on the AI icon in IntelliJ, add the relevant source code and console output and here we go, solved within a few minutes and I learned how it is working behind the scene.

Of course one can dream that Xojo will ever achieve this quality of help (within the IDE!) but I have my serious doubts :wink:

And btw AI Assistance is still beta :wink:

I understand that people with many old projects still have to stay loyal to Xojo, but compared to all modern IDEs and languages it’s a waste of time and money for new development and just causes stomach ulcers IMHO.