XDC 2022 Cancelled 😱

Being the restrictions to enter the UK Angola, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe…

Many of the past speakers not using xojo any more and some even banned…

Could be covid just an excuse for a lack of interest on the event?

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seing shadows everywhere now?

More staff than speakers listed. :thinking:

we can never know more than what they tell us

restrictions are being reimposed so I’m sure that factors into things

ESP since hotels etc need to know months in advance if you DO want to cancel so you dont pay a cancellation penalty

There may be other contributing factors but we really dont know

What ever: it is under Covid restriction extremely complex to plan a show like that in front. What I can see is that there is a big bunch of Xojo relatives and employees. Including Monkeybread Software, a school teacher and a few more. Could be a nice mixture, especially as I would await to get from Dana and Alyssa really nice programming hacks. Uuups. They are not programmer.

I’ve never met or talked to Dana or Alyssa (beyond license stuff), but I really don’t like bashing speakers just because they aren’t programmers. Non-programmers can still teach us things that will help us improve our software.

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Okay, I know that they have no Idea abut programming. They are there for communication and the other for administration. You really want to tell me that a marketing manager and a bookkeeper can teach me to build better Software? Wow. I am since 1987 in this Business and I saw many things. But never a bookkeeper or a Marketing Manager teacher me to make better Software. That was never happened until now.

Please don’t complain.
The contract Wirth the hotel had a cancellation clause, probably 3 months in advance and with recent changes, the planners were no longer confident to get the numbers they need.

For such a conference, you may need 100 people to break even. You may need 50 early on to be confident you don’t make a big loss. Now with the new restrictions, a lot of people cancelled right away and asked for refunds (as far as I know). So since the numbers don’t support it, pulling the plug is the right decision.

And all MBS conferences also had such a cancellation date, but I didn’t publish it. And I was happy to not needed to cancel the last conferences.


Don’t make jokes about that.
They certainly do their part and I learnt a couple of things on their presentations about marketing.
And I would expect they know the things they promote for Xojo.


Not necessarily about the coding (although assuming you’ll never learn from someone with less experience than you is troubling) - but perhaps about upcoming things regarding Xojo, or marketing strategies for your business, or use cases. There are lots of things I can do better regarding my business that they may have knowledge about. If they gave a terrible presentation you could critique that, but I don’t know what they have to say so I won’t give them a hard time. Nor should you.

(edit: Christian said it more succinctly than I did)


I agree, wow!

Absolutely they can’t, but they could teach you to communicate with tact, decency and respect, skills you are clearly lacking.


I have to agree that they can speak about Marketing and so on. But as far as I know that isn’t part of a developer conference. It is part of marketing conferences for Software companies or something else. It can be part of teaching younger engineers in questions of Software Marketing. But god beware: I will never get the Marketing tips from them. I want my customers to get their Bugs fixed and not to stand there with their Bugs and I say only: I have not fixed your Bugs but I have a new Version with new functionality and I changed the API so your old Bugs are not actual anymore and we will not fix. Weather they are still there or not. And a bookkeeper shall tell me how to do what on a conference like that? administration of a Software Company? As example Xojo? What she administers? No, that can not be the right way in this case. At least not for me. May be I am to long in that Business. But still.

Well, you are wrong. It is NOT a “coding” conference. Look at the topics in developer conferences of other tools, there are LOTS of not coding topics like Marketing, market analisis, mistakes to avoid when X, UX theory, analisis on Hardware and/OR OSes, Best practices, Tips, tricks and techniques, Success stories, a session that is just chat with the team and other guests.

Stop dreaming and suffering about that, just Dont go.

So according to your understanding and wht you describe, the bugs are made by the marketing and admin departments. You dont know what they do but you don’t want any advice from them because the BUGS…

Maybe you do need some marketing conference :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This is of course if they themselves were to ever learn those skills… no matter how I ever approached either of them in the past, all I got was rude, brash responses… part of the reason I have written Xojo off as a company and a product.

First IVAN: you are wrong, not with one word I said that Bugs are in the product from the marketing people.

Second: See the context.

third: Marketing is not only a question of big sales. it is and will ever be a question of speaking always in the marketing truths. That makes it a bit complex. And beside that fact I know that their administration is holding the company beside the contracts with customers (customers which are banned having no access to the Testers channel for example which is part of the contract and the marketing). If you ask the administration they will say: no, you are banned.

Looking on this Ivan I can see and realize: we are totally not on the same line.

This for example is the program of the JAX conference: Program - JAX London 2021

All programming stuffs.

Like it is in all conferences I ever visited.

This is not constructive, in my opinion I see to much aggressiveness and conflict searching and to little of joy, code, interesting discussions that help people to develop skills and helping other.

Xojo decided to cancel the conference and that decision is of course because of Covid-19. Thats it… please don’t make a hen of a feather.


It was the correct decision. UK is at the start of the Omicron wave - new measures were introduced last night including work from home mandates, masks virtually everywhere and vaccine passports.

Hospitalisations are up 6% in the last week and that is before the new wave takes off. They also are struggling with the booster rollout and 30% of the population are unvaccinated so this wave could be huge.

Yes, the problems with Corona are stopping many events like this. Maybe there is a chance to make an Online XDC as spare while nobody knows if it can be happened within next year or even 2023. It is hard to organize something when you do not know what happened in case of a change in the dynamic of the Covid disease. And for Xojo it would be a catastrophe when all people would get infected within an xdc. So I can understand the decision of Xojo, inc. There was no other way for.

By the way: if somebody was insulted while I wrote about the Marketing and Administration speakers: there is no fundamental problem with that. But I have another view on a Software Developers conference. And I see also that, in case of a conference like that, people can not get out of their role in the company when being there for the company. It has nothing to do with the person it has only to do with the way it worked in history. The communication was exactly that way and if you read the communication between both sides you will see and realize that that where the answers. If you have a question about it I would be happy when you would write me with E Mail.

You’re making the situation in the UK sound much worse than it is. In fact, everybody I have spoken to is more concerned about what effect the new restrictions will have rather than the impact of Omicron itself.

The recent vaccination figures are:
first dose: 51,61,757
second dose: 46,610,800
booster: 21,300,859

The UK only vaccinates 12 years + which equates to:
first dose: 89%
second dose: 81.1%
third dose: 37%