Xcode 12 experiences? [from "that other forum"]

issues. I upgraded to iOS 14 on my iPad (well, “iPadOS”) to make sure my apps run okay in the new operating system. They do but, of course, Xcode 11.x cannot connect to a device running iOS 14 so now the only to preview apps on the iPad is to upload them to the App Store and then download them using TestFlight. Doable, but kludgy.

Just want to know if there are any gotchas out there before taking the plunge and installing Xcode 12.

Xcode12 is NOT compatible with Mojave or any other version of macOS previous to Catalina. By the same token (and as mentioned above). Xcode 11 will NOT communicate with any real device running iOS14. Also the hacks that I had published previously for running iOS13.7 on Mojave no longer work either. (I tried :slight_smile: )

So in order to run Xcode 12 you must upgrade to Catalina (sigh)… that being said… I do NOT know what version(s) of Xcode are compatible with the current release of Xojo, so you might want to take that into consideration as well

NOTE : If someone wants to post this back on “that other forum” feel free to do so

And already someone has posted an incorrect solution… patching the Device Support Files for iOS14 into Xcode 11 DOES NOT WORK


a quick try suggests
even then… I have no idea if Xojo works with Xcode12 yet

doesnt look like 2019r1.1 will use Xcode 12 - run is disabled
2019r3.1 (and r3.2) - may - run is enabled
2020r1 looks like it will - run is at least enabled

whether they properly support ios 14 is a very different story

I’ll chuck my complaint in here. Xojo refuse to help.
I have a free iOS app out there, made with Xojo 2019
A couple of months back I noticed a bug, and changed one line of code.
I compiled and tried to upload, but found that Apple had upped their library level and wouldnt let me upload the new build with Xcode 11
So I had to download Xcode , and so also had to install Catalina etc etc
Then I found that my Xojo 2019R1 wont work with Xcode 12, and although 2019 R3 WILL, Xojo wont let me have it because they took so long to release it that my iOS licence ran out

They want nearly the full $300 to ‘upgrade’ (That’s NOT an upgrade, guys!!!) so that I can fix one line of code in a free app.
Therefore the app will have a bug until it no longer works , or I pull it.

If Xojo had released R3 in a timely manner, I wouldn’t have had an issue.
Their claim that old versions can continue to be used without upgrading, is untrue.
They could have had a reasonable amount of money for an upgrade, but wouldn’t budge on their stance that an upgrade should be almost the same price as the original.

To be as fair as I can, it’s mostly Apple’s fault.
Their constant burning of the bridges as we travel along is enforced obsolescence.
But Xojo could have helped and chose not to.

Try rewriting in Swift - you might like it … :grin:

Sadly, I gave it 3 weeks.
The language is OK, but like many before me, as soon as I moved into the GUI frameworks for iOS, I threw my hands up in frustration and walked away. Its too Alien.

And this is the main drawback I see to this forum, the fragmentation of relevant information.

(sorry for going OT)

So Julen… would you rather I NOT post it anywhere?

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I never came to this forum because I was forced to, and I never imagined this forum would have existed had the other one not become so hostile and heavy-handed. I come here for the entertainment (for sure), but also because some people I learned to respect on the other forum were not allowed there anywhere and they posses a lot of really good knowledge and are willing to share it. I completely agree with your point but if we are all being honest then perhaps you should be raising this exact point with the people that chose to not allow certain voices on the other forum. I did so twice, and both times my posts were gone in a matter of minutes. So I can sit back and said I tried, and be at peace with myself. [stepping out of the soapbox now]


Not at all what I meant. You should post it here, of course, what other option do you have?

But that fragmentation is bad for everyone. That’s all I meant.

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I tend to agree the fragmentation isnt the best
BUT when no criticism is permitted what options are there ?
Or when you have people banning you for “ad hominem attacks” (which I honestly think the person who did that has no idea what one is) then ?

At least here we CAN discuss other tools and what is good, bad or different from Xojo
Xojo is not willing to permit much of that on their forum

And we even have other ceos of other dev tools commenting on here
I dont believe Xojo would permit that for long

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Amazing how some people read what they want to.

An app compiled with Xcode 11 CAN be deployed to an iOS14 device, but ONLY via the App Store or TestFlight. It CANNOT be downloaded directly from Xcode 11 to the device via your Mac…

Patching Xcode 11 with the iOS14 device support files DOES NOT work (it did up to iOS13.7, but not with iOS14)

So for a developer wishing to test on a real device running iOS14, you have two choices.

  • Update to Catalina and Xcode 12
  • Send you app round trip thru TestFlight and back to your device (for me this takes over an HOUR per test)