Wisej 3 will have a Community Edition

Since I have mentioned this product(https://wisej.com/) before here, Wisej has changed their licensing structure, from version 3.0 they will have a community edition (Community Edition - Licensing)

You can from 31.march, when 3.0 is released, use this for up to 3 servers free (win/linux/macos) if you have an annual gross revenue below 1 million USD

This is starting to look very good in my eyes…

Before a server without limitations cost $390, now for 100 users it costs $490, and for 1000 users $1990

yeah, missed that :open_mouth:

Anyways, it may give some a easier path to do a startup, before commiting financially

I’ll never use a tool whose apps written using it can’t be moved to my platforms of choice.

Xojo ?
Android ?

yeah yeah yeah “it’s coming” … still

passion Norman, passion. It is still not ended our ban. When it ends, Android will come soon production ready.

Was it some kind of response to my statement? I don’t get it.

Take Xojo web as example, it does not lock you in the Xojo servers, you can move your apps to AWS, DO, etc

I bet even after your suspension, Android will not be ready for production status. Xojo is good only for Desktop and Console. Rest are a marketing gimmick.


They dont seem to lock you in to running on their server IF thats what you meant ?

see Server Licenses - Licensing

Its a license for the server itself depending on how many concurrent users you need to support
I’m not keen on that kind of licensing (MS SQL server, Oracle etc) either

But they do on THEIR server as in the SOFTWARE that serves the app, not the hardware.

yes, its not everyones cup uf tea, I agree, but it is wonderfull to work with for a winforms developer, and it works quite well.

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Sure but they are far from alone in that regard

It might not be perfect for everyone
I’m intrigued at least

Me too but… I keep asking myself, Am I an outdated fossil looking for an ancient RAD that most of the world has left that in the past??

I´ve seen some blazor examples, it is really impressive the kind of things it can do witout a fixed UI design. :flushed:


What should I say to that kind of Question. Maybe? The risk is that the RAD will be left by the last ones and end. Than at least your entire work would be worthless.

Yes Blazor is also very interesting and pretty straight forward to get a grip on

Server can be IIS, Katana, Kestrel, NGINX, Apache, UltiDev, or even custom. The software that serves the app is the app itself creating Wisej components and returning their JSON representation to the client’s JavaScript.