Windows, Containers & Inspector Behaviour

When you edit a “Window” you are NOT editing a Class
Its more like editing a specific instance (think of a control on a Window - thats a specific instance of the control NOT the class the control is based on)
You cant edit inspector behaviour for an instance
Containers though ARE more like a class so you can edit their inspector behaviour

IF you wanted to edit the inspector behaviour for a Window then you would need to

  1. add a new class
  2. set its super to Window
  3. add whatever properties you want to that
  4. now when you add a new window to your project make the new windows super the class you created and you can set those properties you added

BUT this doesnt work :frowning:
Never has with windows as far as I recall - their handling IS a little borked

thanks @npalardy for this nice “cross forum” answer !
I tried it indeed with a class that I subclassed from window and it does not work.
I will focus on using this only on containers for now.