Why prefer XoJo instead of B4x?

i try to install crossover on mojave… after installation, i click on the icon and it open and close
i then try install on big sur for M1 and can’t even finish installation for dotnet.

Like I said, let me look at Monday how we done it. We have it running. I tried now in Macincloud and got it to run. Somehow it was for me not complex but there are different situations where it is becoming complex. Let me see.
Hope I can give a complete tutorial at monday evening (european time)


I’m not planning on oppening the app but the name is somehow intriguing to me. Is it GIS related?

It was something related to accountability for the 2020 elections. I have no idea about why he need it running. The fact was that he had another Java app working, and this one wasn’t, so he upgraded his JRE based on “government instructions” and this still crashed and the old one started to crash too. He asked me about how to fix it and I said “I don’t know, seem you did it ok”, call the number the government said “in case of problems call the support at…”. :laughing: The problem is that such government numbers are “always busy”. I suggested to create a Linux VM with everything ok and new, and try from there. I guess he solved his problem using another way, probably another machine.

I noticed it was something related to elections after I saw alwaysbusy screen capture. I thought the name meant something GIS related but I guess my Portuguese sucks :slight_smile:

Sorry for late answering.

With Crossover and the build in Support for dotnet 4,6 it works on my machine seamlessly. And with Virtualbox it works also without any problem. I have no Idea how Software made for x86 will not work with parallels and Virtualbox and also not with Crossover cause the virtualization so on M1 there is no B4J at the moment possible. What is not meaning it will never. Nevermind: Apple was going away from X86 so the Mac World will become far away from Windows World and also Xojo will get far away from a real cross platform development cause they are hanging to close in their MAC Ideas. Whatever, that’s all folks.

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Because I know how to use it and get done what I need to without having to learn a new language. “All its bugs and problems” is an exaggeration, at least in my case - I have no problems with Xojo working. Some annoyances with the IDE yes, but no major issues.