Why not use Structures

No one said there weren’t other good uses. What we are saying is most of the time you can get so much more flexibility out of building a class. Norman explains both sides in more detail above. It’s a very good explanation from someone we all trust uses each feature for their strengths.

Because just as you’ve done to me above, you cherry pick a sentence and then change directions. You aren’t sticking to the original question, which Norman has answered well. From this side of things it’s coming across like you’re looking for an argument.

In my case, it’s because you wrote so much else besides your question.

Norm posted about why it might be better to use a class, but that was not my question… I was asking if using them could cause a problem.

Apparent that was not clear…

At this point I am more than bit annoyed that people ascribed negative motivations to my question when there were none.

Has that been my history, here, TOF or the NUG or beta mailing lists over the last 20+ years?



You may actually run into problems with the UTF8 / CString differences that were mentioned. Someone with more knowledge than me would have more insight to that.

Personally, I prefer classes because of the flexibility they offer in allowing my project to grow as necessary. Structures are more strict, but you have experience that I do not working in such a mindset with Pascal.

The original post this all stemmed from seemed to indicate the original author didn’t know about classes and properties. For flexibility and ease with the Xojo framework, their use case offered the option of using a class. I think the reason people were suggesting classes was to educate this person about the framework features that can make building their app faster and easier.

Not as I’ve known you, no. I apologize for our miscommunications.

Actual question:

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you want to say: people understanding it as an unfair question not related to the real needs. And sometimes when you come clear to a border the people reacting in the same wise. Jeannot muller had a nice wording for it. When and if the people like what you write you may get some nuts like a squirrel. If not you WILL get Stones smashed on your head. And yes, that is true.

So even if you where off topic you will get them definitely.

And for the question you have asked: as far as I can see it is the reduced functionality of a class with a not so fancy UI for that. I don’t want to say: use a class. But I would like to do it for that case. After reading the docs and playing a bit with it I found out that the docs are extremely incomplete and that the functionality itself is not bringing out what you probably want to get.

As an answer to your question I would prefer to say: people are not using Structures while classes are not only better documented but also more stable and reliable. You could do it instead of classes but that will be the most uncomfortable way you ca go.

One does not contradict the other… Which is why I asked if not using them was philosophical or practical when the original question was not understood as intended.

Practical meaning it causes problems to use them. Philosophical meaning it was because it is believed not to be best practice…

Again why are some people so quick to assume bad intensions… and I am not an unknown quantity in the Xojo on-line community.

Never did I think what i said would have been taken the way it was!



That’s why I answered you like I did: it is not philosophical but a practical decision. While the documentation is bad and while there is no chance to come around.

I was giving why I was asking context.

It always matters what you actually say.

Charonn0, I can’t agree with you. Why? While sometimes people are not interested if you say something - off topic or not - what is true and correct while they have a total different way of handling things. For them is - word for word - wrong what you say. That’s what I meant. And yes, that comes up often.

A context which doesn’t mention your concerns about bugs or problems.

This is incomprehensible.

It is. but the behavior of the people is the behavior of the people. When nd if they don’t want to listen for truths for example you may have not much people really reading. But criticism is the normal way.

I don’t mean metaphorically, I mean literally incomprehensible. Technically. Syntax error on line 1. I don’t know what it means.

Short description, sorry tat I misunderstood what you wanted to say.

What I meant: you may have situations where you write correctly, not off topic, not wrong but you hit a political or personal point of the third party you are writing with. Then you may get no positive reaction.

The context was how I was using them in case anyone saw an issue with that usage.

I though that asking about problems obviously implied asking about bugs.

While I would have to look back at the TOF to be sure, I thought I did clarify it later … but whatever.

Enough is enough. I’ve learned a lesson here.

  • Karen

There was nothing wrong with Karen’s question nor the way she expressed it.

I think Norm’s point about the limitations of strings in Xojo’s structures also probably answered why Greg suggested avoiding them unless you have no option.

I’m not sure why there’s so much noise here.

Holy Shit you guys.

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