Why I moved back to Xojo

because there is no other alternatives to makes mac apps that easily, period.

I asked in 2021 here the most importants bugs, found nothing for me to stop using Xojo

in fact i wrote a text in TOF that Xojo is better than ever, desktop side.

i have great pleasure using xojo and i’m using like 4xojo apps on my comp all day long, xojo, my 2 apps, and iClip.

xojo apps are better than ever,
some here can whine all they want, about what they want, but can"t change the factual reality.


I think many long term users have a love/hate relationship with it…

-Karen (who has been using it for 20 years)


desktop is one of the areas xojo is OK
not perfect - but OK


24 years of use, here.

Could be so much better.

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I am happy for you that Xojo fulfils your needs. Personally, Xojo works great for me too. However, we both have to recognize that other people experience true showstopper problems.

What we both have in common: we use it only for desktop development. It is like Norman says, desktop development is fine despite the fact there are some problems too.

However, using Web and iOS is another story.

Most people are not whining, but trying to tell Xojo inc. about the many shortcomings and showstoppers in their Web and iOS platforms. Believe me, most members here (even those banned from the official Xojo forum) have a strong relationship with Xojo and have the best intentions.

We both have to respect the grievance of people here when they experience difficulty. Imagine you are working for months on an application, finding out you get stuck by a bug which for years, is not fixed. You report the bug and your feedback is ignored or closed after you waited patiently.

One swallow does not make the summer, so even our two success stories do not justify labelling other people as “whiners”. A reason why we both are satisfied is that our development is simpler than others and therefore does not use the parts which are problematic. Let’s talk again when you come across a showstopping bug which breaks your code without a solution or workaround. I did and in those moments, becoming angry for the wasted time. As a solution, I go walking for hours and then come back and solve the problem.

Despite the fact, I use Xojo for personal projects, I am not allowed to use Xojo for our business projects by my partner (an economy professor at the University of Botswana) because I wasted too much time on finding workarounds and therefore finishing projects took too long.

But I repeat, for myself personally, Xojo is working out great, just like in your case.

Wish you countless happy Xojo development hours!



80% of Xojo development is great - it’s the last 20% that tend to kill you.

And that would not be if Xojo had spend more time on fixing bugs and quality control. For example the botched transition to 64bit that left 32bit overflow errors in the underlying code and led to errors and crashes when you used numbers above 4 Billion. Mathematical functions that gave different results on Mac and Windows.

I’m always amused when I see the very people that chastised me for being too critical and stating that everything is fine now starting to sound exactly like I did … just a couple of years later … I LOVE irony.