Who on earth thought that "DocumentOpened" was easier for newbies

The second-worst thing to ever happen to the code editor in my opinion. I can’t stand how it jumps all over the place and no one stopped to think about making it optional.

To illustrate my frustration with things that move, I use an app called FinderMinder to make Finder windows always open in the exact same spot.

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To me it felt like another round of duct tape and chewing gum to patch a problem they created, but failed to understand that there is a much better way, or don’t care.

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Go to WallMart (or similar) and play a little bit with the Finder:

Surprise !

Finder windows there always open at their prior location !

This is a but in MacOS… since 10.2.

When you will get your next Apple machine, do not connect any old hard disk to it and you can continue to get your windows opening where you close them.

Or, play with MacOS XCode, find where the bug is in your boot disk until you insert a brand old disk…

Big Wigs do not have external hard disk…

I want them to open in the exact same spot, not their prior location, not staggered. In the exact. same. spot.

More information about FinderMinder here: Irradiated Software - Labs - Beta Tested • Gamma Blasted

Emile does not understand what you want/need. Maybe is a translation issue?

Emile: opening a new Finder window or an old Finder window in a exact position is not the same as opening the Finder window at a previous location.

Example 1: I opened 3 new Finder windows and it looks like this:

they are not at the same exact position, Tim wants to open each of the 3 windows in the same spot, this is not it.

Example 2: a finder Window opens at Left: 400, Top: 400 always, for some need the window is moved to another position and closed, where is going to open again? Previous closed position and not the initial open position (as Tim wants)

I hope this is clear and helps.


Yes, this is clear.

You demonstrate the default Finder working and I am OK with that.

About your example 2:
You are talking about open the window into the previous-1 position !
I think I understand:
You need a “Lock Window Position” feature !

PS: nice idea, but there are so many bugs to remove in MacOS (this recall something).

I removed my long explanation that was below.

This is different, Tim wants (and with the program he mentions is possible) to open the window at a set position/size, then he is free to move it around if he choose to do that.

A “Lock Window Position” feature will be too restrictive. I read that as “you can’t move/change the window”.

Anyway, this is off-topic.