Where should I store "support files"

Normally for a particular application I know where/how to store support files, but this case is a bit differnt

Its not an “application” per se’ , but rather a class that could be compiled into any number of applications

but there are a number of files (from 2 to x) that need to be stored in a single given known place (as in any compiled application using this class would use the same set of support files)

This is macOS only… should I use ApplicationSupport/customclassSupportStuff hard wired into the class? or is there a better way?


Thanks… that is what I ended up doing… So any application that has this class compiled into it will look in a directory specifially for that class (as in all apps would share THAT location), and then each application would still have its own folder as normal.

The shared files are syntax grammar files which won’t change, and are “read-only” to each app