What pushed you to make this decision?

Our app has a text editor also based on the TextInputCanvas so you aren’t the only one.

Personally, I wish they had just added the events to the normal canvas rather than create a separate control.

Well, I think doing that would have broke a lot of applications. But yeah, I do too.

yeah they really couldn’t have done that to the text area without breaking a lot of things

While working with TextInputCanvas, did you create internal documentation about the control that you could share with us? I mean general information, which of the TIC events mean what, what is needed for what etc. This might make it easier for others to learn about this undocumented control. Thank you.

Since I no longer work there this is not something I could do
I have nothing from when I worked there

I’d literally have to recreate it all

I suppose you could ask Xojo Inc this question
No idea how they would respond since requests to have an officially supported version seem to not garner any attention
see feedback://showreport?report_id=53851

I meant to do this years ago and just never had the time. I’m contemplating making FTC open-source but that will just mean more people will ask me to fix/add things that I won’t ever do. I’d rather find it a home with a developer that can actively work on it.

Do it @bkeeney. I hear it’s a great control. Just make sure you give contribution rights to a handful of people when you do then you don’t have to be bothered by people when they find a bug. Happy to help out.