What is wrong with this RTF code?

What is wrong with this RTF code?

Microsoft Word loads the defined styles, places the section break in the correct position, but does not assign the styles to the text. Why?

{\f0 \fnil\fcharset0 Times New Roman;}
{\f1 \fnil\fcharset0 Arial;}
{\li720 Xojo Paragraph Style;}
{\s1 \f1 Xojo Paragraph;}
{\*\cs1 \b\f1\fs28\cf1 If Not Nil Style;}
{\*\cs2 \fs32\cf2 Xojo Style;}
{Section 1}
{\par }
{{\cs1 Paragraph 2} \sect }
{{\cs1 Section 2}
\par }
{Paragraph 2
\par }

Good question
What are you expecting this should appear like ?

In Section 1, the text “Paragraph 2” and in Section 2 the the text “Section 2” should use there “If Not Nil Style” Character Style. But the don’t.

And I suppose that if you open it, edit it and save from something like TextEdit etc it will write a completely different rtf

My RTF knowledge is not nearly extensive enough to diagnose this