What happened to Xojo.IO?

Apparently I have fallen far behind. I am doing a new build of an existing project, and had to spend time ripping out all of the use of the XOJO.IO namespace and the Text class that I added a few years ago,

It seems to me that getting rid of the Text class is a step backward.

There were enough people complaining loudly about the namespaced framework that Xojo decided to abandon it.

It met an unfortunate fate. One of the designers wanted to replace String with Text, which really hurt ease of use. In my opinion both can co-exist, but when reverting from the namespaced framework it seems Text fell out of favor.

We’re now onto API 2.0 and Desktop* prefixed controls. I suspect the language for API 2.0 will stay, but I sincerely hope the Desktop* prefixed controls find themselves the same fate as the namespaced framework.

The parts where API 2.0 is consistent are nice, but there are also signs that they are just making it up as they go along.

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Many of the things TEXT handled have been lifted into String - but not all

Most of the rest of the Xojo namespace has been deprecated - but not removed AFAICT

However in some versions these classes & namespaces WONT autocomplete any more
Thats a deliberate move on Xojo’s part :frowning:

EDIT : this is/was a key you could add to your saved Xojo preferences that used to show Deprecateditems

	<key>Show Deprecated Autocomplete Items</key>

but it doesnt seem to have any effect any longer in 2022r4.1

Can’t say I am surprised, Xojo have been very aggressive with their 2.0 ATT. Even now, they’re still trying to beat their customers into submission and adopting it, its almost like they’ve got everything riding on the success of 2.0 ATT.

And, in the process, creating whole new batches of bugs to be fixed :frowning:
Almost reminds me of Wally so many years ago


Ah the days when Dilbert was still consistently funny

The parts where API 2.0 is consistent are nice

But, there is no iOS ListBox… WHat there is is a 1 column TABLE where you can add Cells (not Columns). Do not ask me, I only read the documentation, never try to use it. So:

a. Desktop have DesktopListBox
b. Web have WebListBox
c. iOS have iOSMobileTable !