Web 1.0 most stable version of Xojo to use

Xojo 2019 r3.2 is a crash fest on this M2 Pro MacBook, is there a more reliable version for working on a Web 1.0 app.

I know I need to re-write it into something else like PHP, but at the moment, I don’t have the time.

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There is no more stable Version for M2 or M1 CPU. The reason for not to use Xojo anymore. There is no stable Xojo. And also the newer Versions having issues on M1 and M2. That is a problem. So you might not have the time. But you will need the time and to spend the time for PHP rewrite. Simply. No other chance.

Yeah, I really don’t have the time. I need this to be ready by the end of the month and I am not able to write it another language and deal with unexpected issues or things not quite right.

So for the time being, looks like it was a good idea to keep the old Intel MacBook and I’ll use that instead.

Once I’ve converted a couple of my Xojo apps into Swift, I’ll take a look at Swift on Server project, if I can get that working how I need, I may go that way. Otherwise I’ll go for PHP. Ideally I really want to use the same language/code at both ends. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know… You can do that with Java :slight_smile:

Try that on windows.

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Maybe PeachPie could help you do it with PHP.

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I got my first skeleton Vapor web server up and running. It took me 3 days for working through a tutorial, started adding my own stuff now.
You can do that in a day.


If you only working with Web1 you can use an older version, try 2019r1.1 (I haven’t tested on M2 yet, will do it in the next couple of weeks when I change my MacBook).

I have a Catalina VM on my Intel Mac JUST for this sort of thing

I’m using Big Sur and my go-to Web 1.0 is 2019r1.1

If you need any help with your web app shoot me an iMessage, I’m always happy to help you, Sam.


I’ll give 2019r1.1 a shot.

Thanks for all the help you’ve given me so far with changing servers. For the time being, apart from these crashes and discovering that Xojo IDE can’t tell if a database actually supports API 2.0 or not (which is yet another dumb decision after the previous), things are currently working.

There is still a long way to go, some of which I haven’t finished designing yet, because I needed to test some theories out before committing. So I might need to take you up on that offer.

btw: Are you on BlueSky? Seems like a lot of Mac devs moved there.

I hate to say it, but I think the biggest factor of why you’re experiencing crashes is macOS version, not Xojo version. You might try Windows instead.

That is the problem, I’m now using a Mx Mac as my development machine, which came with Ventura, so I can’t go back.

In the long run, it needs to be re-built and it needs to be re-built using a different tool. I am currently scheduled to be Xojo FREE by 2025. I have a lot of work I don’t want to do, but I need to do so.