Very interesting thread on GitHub regarding porting to Xojo

But they value backwards compatibility & let you know VERY loudly when/if they break it (which they rarely do)

Xojo … well … when they did the API 2 & desktop control renaming business seemed to say to hell with backwards compatibility
Or at least “we wont deliberately break it but we’re not going to fix or add to the existing things”
So they’re trying to use a stick & carrot to get people to update to newer versions
But, in my experience with client projects running on Windows there isnt any reason to
So we’re still using old versions for the time being

And trying some other tools for other projects instead of keeping tied into Xojo since there doesnt seem to be any advantage to that

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Exactly. That’s why sourcecode from Java applications before 15 years still runs in Java with minimum changes. And if your app was all time maintained you may do once a year a minimal change and everything is running. I had to modernize old AWT applications before a few months. Wrote an entire new UI in a few days and that’s it. Apps are running without problems. Logic was only one change needed while the customers needed a change. That’s it. In Xojo? Hmm, na. Even if the language never changed what you describe always I have to say that for me also the frameworks of xojo itself are at least producing a feeling of changed language. I know that is let me say half correct. But that makes living uncomfortable with Xojo. Newcomers having no problems with it but old users.

So I would say that this language is not a language you can rely a business on without getting crashed down one day. The Xojo world is different to others. I know. They have their own Ideas. And they start to ban people instead correcting their own errors. Or to fulfill their promises. Promises are for them nothing. Did I really said that? Ahh no we could not realize that but we believed…that is no method for people to plan. Web 2.0 was the change many people ran away from Xojo web.

Looking on this situation I believe that the community should make more pressure. But they are still in the “company is always right mode” and do not even think about revolution. Things like that can destroy a product. On the other side: who wants to do a revolution when and if the only chance for support the support Forum is and you get into the risk to be banned? Good Job of the makers.

And so they have many people not complaining about anything while the company says: “That’s okay, that works the way we want it and what do I care about my promises”. And so this behavior will run forward until the wall comes. Cause I don’t think that it will be a product after Perlman retires. Who shall buy that? I have not an Idea. And at that point there comes for the users the big wall. While the product is not running anymore when the company is gone. Activations are not possible after.

It is not so that I believe that it is the right way to do nothing. Threads are needed. I don’t know even how I could work without threading. And workers are no alternative. If I remember correct the construct xojo made for threading now public it was Java 3. Java 4 was with debuggable threads. I can be wront. It is long time ago and I have no notes about it. But I can say: since many years I am using threads. It is a normal technology. Also C and C++ allowing threads since many years. A normal in the unix world. Also in c they could not run in debug mode but in production mode in the beginning. But that was changed also fast. Good old unix times!

That’s why I can not understand why they build up the FrankenJo in this wise. It will not be a good Idea to use at all while debugging is a crisis.

Looking forward on this facts I can see: porting an application to a language like this is dangerous. May be I am wrong and there are many people believing I am: there is no future in a language construct like that. Even when and if many people say: it is my flavor. It makes no good environment for a product which would or could be future save. And that is given by C,C++,Java…the list is nearly endless.