Using Filetypes instead of extensions to determine what kind of file it is

From TOF

If youve defined the file types you can do something like (I used image types but the idea is the same)

Dim fDialog As New OpenFileDialog

fDialog.ActionButtonCaption = "Select this file"

Dim f As folderitem = fDialog.ShowModal

If f.Type = FileTypeGroup1.ImageXBmp.Name Then
  MsgBox "selected XBMP"
Elseif f.Type = FileTypeGroup1.Jpeg.Name Then
  MsgBox "selected JPEG"
Elseif f.Type = FileTypeGroup1.Png.Name Then
  MsgBox "selected PNG"
  MsgBox "selected unknown type"
End If

here’s a sample

the nice thing is YOU control the FILE TYPE NAME for the ones you define so you can make it whatever you want